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 Current Litters

Winter Valley’s Black Pearl (Luna) X Graves Daisy Mountain Odin

Litter born Decemeber 27th 2017- 10 puppies- 6 black males, 3 black females, 1 fox red female

Luna’s sire is a Grand Champion from one of the top kennels in the US.  Her pedigree is packed with show champions.  She has a very mellow and sweet disposition.  Luna is OFA hips/elbows good/normal, EIC, CNM, PRA, HNPK, DM clear and approx. 70lbs.  She was bred to our fox red stud, Odie (co-owned with Graves Labradors).  He is a big thick boy and has sired some beautiful puppies for us.  He comes from some excellent champion lines and has an extremely mellow temperament.  Odie is EIC, CNM, PRA clear, CERF, OFA Hips/Elbows good/normal and approx. 90lbs.    These puppies are priced at $1400.

Reservation List

1st pick black male- Egger Family

2nd pick black male- Fraga Family

3rd pick black male- Bates Family

4th pick black male- Schnall Family- pending

5th pick black male- Huffine Family- pending

6th pick black male- Pagnan Family

1st pick black or fox red female-Bauer Family

2nd pick black female- Kruper Family

3rd pick black female- Goshorn Family

4th pick fox red female-Marino Family- pending OR 4th pick black female- ______ pending

Edlen House Akoya  X GCH Mac Labs Broadway Joe’s Encore CGC, BN, CD

Litter born December 28th 2017- 13 chocolate puppies (8 males, 5 females)

Edlen has turned out to be such a beautiful and sweet girl and we are excited to have her as part of our breeding program.  We had her imported from Russian as a pup.  She has the nice thick English body type, otter tail, beautiful head, and amazing temperament.  Her pedigree is packed with show champions.  She is EIC, CNM, and PRA clear, CERF.  OFA Hips/elbows are good/normal.  She is approximately 75lbs.  We feel privileged for the opportunity to breed her to Encore which is owned by Mac Labs.  FOR THE YEAR 2016, ENCORE WAS ONE OF THE AKC TOP 20 LABRADOR RETRIEVERS.  HE was INVITED TO THE PRESTIGIOUS POTOMAC SHOW TO APPEAR AT THE TOP 20 GALA.  He became a Champion at 22 months and a Grand Champion at 2 1/2 years old. Encore has a wonderful temperament and is approximately 90lbs. OFA hips/elbows- good/normal, EIC and HKPK clear, CERF, full dentation, echocardiogram normal.  These puppies are priced at $1400.

Reservation List

1st pick male- Gatten Family

2nd pick male- Riddle Family

3rd pick male- Milan Family

4th pick male- Schwartz Family

5th pick male-Khosraviani Family- pending

6th pick male-McKeon Family

7th pick male-Ferlicca Family

1st pick female- Miles Family

2nd pick female-  Blackburn Family

3rd pick female- Yirsa Family

4th pick female-Seavey Family

5th pick female-Hawkins Family- pending


Daisy Mountain Sedona X Graves Daisy Mountain Odin

All Fox Red litter born January 4th 2018 (6 females, 5 males)

Sedona is a beautiful dark Fox Red.  She came to us from a breeder in New York and is 1/2 English and 1/2 American.  She takes after the American body type but has the calm disposition of an English lab. Sedona has some amazing hunting lines and has many titled hunters in her lines.  She is the most lovable dog and loves to play in the water and play fetch.  She is very obedient follows me everywhere.  She is OFA excellent hips/normal elbows, EIC, CNM, PRA clear and CERF normal.  Approximately 75lbs.  Odie is a big stocky English male with a big blocky head.  He has a great champion pedigree and has already produced some gorgeous pups. He is such a mellow and calm boy!  We searched all over the country to find the perfect stud to compliment our fox red females and feel like we found him.  Approximately 85lbs.  OFA Hips/Elbows good/normal, EIC, CNM, and PRA clear, CERF.  This is Sedona and Odie’s 2nd litter together.  Check out our Daisy Mountain Labs Brag Page on Facebook to see some of their past pups!  These pups are priced at $1400

Reservation List

1st pick female-Hughes family

2nd pick female- Birnbaum family

3rd pick female- Louis family

4th pick female-Kellso family

5th pick female-Vaterlaus family

6th pick female-Pobanz family- pending

1st pick male- Barney family

2nd pick male- Vlaminick family

3rd pick male- Solano family

4th pick male- Santos family

5th pick male Conrad family



A few of Sedona’s fox reds from her 1/17 litter




Video of River and Sedona’s pups 2/13/16


New families for River’s pups born 1/17/16



Top left: turquoise male, black male, green male. Top right: pink female, purple female. Bottom left: Neon green male, brown male, Bottom right: turquoise male, blue male, neon green male.




Sedona’s pups have all left to their new homes.  Congratulations!





2 weeks and 2 days old

Our litter born 7/5/2015 have all been placed in their new homes. Congratulations puppy owners!