Fox Red Labradors

About Fox Red Labs...
Ever seen a fox red lab? They are not common but when I saw my first one I fell in love! Here is a little history on the fox reds.
The fox red coat color is NOT a new shade or a separate color in the Labrador breed. The American Kennel Club Labrador breed standard states: "Yellow–Yellows may range in color from fox-red to light cream, with variations in shading on the ears, back, and underparts of the dog". Fox red or dark yellow were the original shade of yellow in Labrador Retrievers. This coat color dates back to the early 1900's. This dark color was the common color until after World War II. The lighter Labradors became more popular because they were rare at the time and therefore the deep fox red color was almost lost. Fox red labs new found rarity has made them very desirable and has put them in popular demand.
I searched the country for quality fox reds with Champion lines to add to our family. I didn't realize what a difficult task this would be. There are few fox red lab breeders out there compared to the numerous others that breed the more common yellow shades. Take a look at "Our Labs" page for information on our beautiful fox reds!! We feel so blessed to have these beautiful labs.

Our Fox Red Labs