Meet Our Labs


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All of our labs are our personal pets. They enjoy our large yard, pool, and their own doggy bedrooms in our house. They are part of our daily lives. If we go camping, they go camping, if we go on a hike, they are by our side. Of course with so many, they do take turns on family outings! Our 2 daughters love taking their labs to obedience training and also getting the chance to take them to shows. It has been a great family hobby to train them together and work towards getting them ready for their dog shows. All of my family lives nearby and there are in total 16 children just between my siblings and I. Our labs have plenty of one on one time with the kids, which truly makes them happy. Each of our labs have unique personalities and temperaments making them one of a kind.


*Daisy Mountain Sedona-  "Sedona" is a dark Fox Red color. She came to us from a breeder in New York and is an English and American lab.  She takes after the American body type but has the calm disposition of an English lab. Sedona has some amazing hunting lines.  She has many titled hunters in her lines. See her Dam's info here along with a list of hunting champions. She is the most lovable dog I have ever met. She is truly thoughtful and wants nothing but to be adored by all those around her. She is very obedient and wants to be loved on.  She is my other shadow! OFA excellent hips/normal elbows, EIC, CNM, PRA clear and CERF normal.  Approximately 70lbs. Sedona Pedigree

*Daisy Mountain Snow-  "Snow" is a beautiful stocky white English lab. She loves her belly rubs and squeaky toys! She is such a calm loving girl.  She is easy going and gets along with everyone. OFA hips excellent/normal elbows, CNM, PRA, DM clear and EIC carrier. Approximately 75lbs.

*Daisy Mountain Penny-   "Penny" is full of energy and almost appears to have a smile on her face. She is a happy girl that is always ready to play.  She is a fox red English lab.  She has a gorgeous head and beautiful stocky body. Approximately 80lbs. OFA hips excellent/normal elbows, CERF, CNM and PRA clear,  EIC carrier.

*Hotti Totti Real Spring- We are excited to have Hotti as part of our breeding program.  She is one of our recent labs imported from Russia.  She comes from some beautiful champion show and hunt lines and has such a wonderful friendly disposition.  She LOVES to retrieve and is super playful.  Her dam is a Russian Show Champion and Sire is a Champion Field Trial Duck hunter from Lithuania. Hottie has 11 Champions in her first 3 generations of her pedigree. She is a nice compact size and will produce some gorgeous pups.  She is on the small end of the Labrador breed standard weighing in at approximately 55lbs.  EIC, PRA, and CNM clear, CERF, OFA hips/elbows- good/normal.

*Avrora Lab Ameli Law- "Amelie" is our newest imported lab from Russia.  Her sire is a Champion of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland.  Her dam is a Champion of Russia, Latvia, Belarus, and Finland.  Amelie started her show career in Russia and we are excited to start showing her here in the United States.  She is absolutely gorgeous and such a sweet calm disposition.  She is approximately 75lbs.  She is CNM, PRA, HNPk clear, EIC carrier, CERF, OFA hips/elbows- excellent/normal

*Edlen House Akoya - "Edlen" Is an easy going mellow girl.  We also had her imported to the US as a pup. She is seriously an absolute sweetheart! She has a nice thick body type, beautiful chocolate coat, and is around 70lbs.  We have been very happy with Edlen and are excited to see the beautiful puppies that she will produce.  She is champion sired and has an amazing pedigree. OFA hips/elbows- good/normal, EIC, PRA, CNM clear, CERF.

*Winter Valley’s Black Pearl- "Luna" is sired by a stud from one of the top kennels in the US.  Her sire is an AKC Grand Champion from Belquest Kennels.  We feel blessed to have her as part of our breeding program.  She is a very quiet, sweet girl with lots of love.  Although we did not raise her as a pup, she has fit into our pack wonderfully. She is OFA hips/elbows - good/normal, EIC, CNM, PRA clear.

*Graves Daisy Mountain Odin- We co-own our fox red stud "Odie" with Graves Labradors.  We feel so blessed to have him as part of our breeding program.  He is a big stocky English male with an amazing champion pedigree. He is such a mellow and calm boy! We searched all over the country to find the perfect stud to compliment our fox red females and feel like we found him. We are so excited to have him.  He has already produced some beautiful puppies for us! Approximately 85lbs.  OFA Hips/Elbows good/normal, CERF, EIC, CNM, and PRA clear.


***Our youngsters/up and coming pups... Diamond, Stella, Lacey, and Roxie will go through their health testing in the future before breeding. They will eventually take the place as we retire our other girls from breeding. Their youthful energy keeps us on our toes.


*Daisy Mountain Ginger- (Retired)  "Ginger" is a light Fox Red color and is an English lab.  She is the stocky show type and has a nice mellow temperament.   She is a kind and quiet girl that is always looking to please.  She likes to wrap her paws around you and give a hug or give a tiny quick lick on your fingers to show her love. Ginger has an amazing pedigree including international champions. OFA Good hips/normal elbows, EIC, CNM clear, and CERF normal. Approximately 65lbs.

*Mud River's Let It Ride- (Retired)  "River" is a light yellow English lab. She has some serious retrieving skills! She loves the water and to retrieve. She is a happy girl and such a great family companion. Our daughters love playing endless games of fetch with her.  Our daughter recently started showing River and was so excited to win some blue ribbons with her.  River has an amazing pedigree full of show and hunting champions. OFA Excellent hips/normal elbows, EIC and CNM clear and CERF normal. Approximately 70lbs.

*McDees Bella Mia- (Retired)  "Mia" is a chocolate stocky English lab and is sweet, playful, and always eager to be with us. She is my own personal shadow and stays by my side throughout the day and doesn't leave my sight. Mia is definitely my girl!  If she isn't by my side, she is taking a quick dip in the pool no matter how chilly it is outside! View her pedigree to see her many champions in her lines. OFA Hips good, EIC negative. Approximately 75lbs.