Details on Shipping your Labrador Puppy

Yes, we ship anywhere in the continental US!  There are a few different options. We can air ship through cargo, air ship with a personal puppy chaperon with the puppy as a carry on, or ground ship through a trusted pet transporter.  The puppy must be at least 8 weeks old for shipping.

Cargo shipping– This is a very popular and safe method to ship your puppy.  We have a lot of experience with shipping across the country by this method.   Full payment for the puppy plus shipping must be received before it is shipped.  We take PayPal or Debit/Credit plus 3% fee, cashiers check, or cash. Estimate around $400 for shipping. Shipping will be more or less depending on your location.  Here is how it works…we will take your puppy to our veterinarian to get a health certificate within 10 days of flight, we will purchase the appropriate sized kennel which you will keep, we will book the flight and give you the flight information. We will let you know that the puppy was successfully dropped off at the cargo facility. Check the status of the flight and arrive at your Cargo facility within 30 minutes of the flight landing.  When you show up to pick up your puppy they will have you sign some paperwork and ask for your Drivers License.  The person picking up the puppy must be the same person listed on the paperwork.  Call us when you receive your puppy so we know all went well!  Your puppy may take a few days to settle in after such an exciting flight.  We will separately mail out all paperwork so it does not get lost from the kennel during transport.  We typically use Delta so you can call and put your credit card number on file so they can charge you directly once the puppy is dropped off at the cargo facility. Call Delta if you would like to know where your Cargo Facility is located.  Delta Cargo Facility 1-800-352-2746 Option 3 prompt 1. Delta Pricing.   Delta Cargo.

Air ship with puppy Chaperon– We occasionally have a puppy owner that would like us to accompany their puppy during the entire flight and hand deliver them at the airport.  You would pay for the cost of a round trip ticket plus the cost of the carry on fee for your puppy.  The cost varies greatly depending on location and time frame.  Your puppy would need to be shipped this method right at 8 weeks because of weight and size requirements of the airlines.  The airline cost must be paid up front and cash can be accepted for the puppy when met at the airport.  Any airline may be used as long as they accept pets in the cabin as carry on. We are also willing to meet you at our airport if you would like to fly into Phoenix.

Ground ship through pet transporter–  This is also a very safe way to transport your puppy.  There are many pet transporting companies around the country.  You may use one that you feel comfortable with or we will recommend one for you.  Typically this runs $350 on up but may be less if you are close to Arizona.

Depending on your location we may be willing you meet you somewhere as well.  At Daisy Mountain Labs, we can help you decide what the best way is for shipping your Labrador puppy!