Michelle Matsui Koontz reviewed Daisy Mountain Labs — 5 star

December 1, 2016 ·

Brooke deserves 10 stars! I live out of state and for anyone that is considering getting their puppy from Brooke that lives out of state, do not let distance intimidate you - Brooke is worth it. She is a true professional who knows her puppies and can easily assist you in picking out your pet through videos, pictures and phone calls. I was prepared to fly to AZ , if necessary, to pick out my puppy but after communicating with Brooke, I realized it wasn''t necessary. Brooke's numerous vet tech years of experience shows in how she cares for her puppies. They receive so much love and care from Brooke and her family. Brooke has thought of every detail during the puppies' first 8 weeks of life which makes their transition from Brooke's home into their forever homes so much easier. There are numerous ways that your puppy can travel from her home to yours and Brooke can help you pick the best choice for you and your family. My husband and daughter had a 14 hour drive home with our puppy and with Brooke's numerous tips, the drive for our puppy was easy. She had no accidents and was happy and comfortable all the way home. This all starts from the wonderful work that Brooke does with her puppies. Please do not hesitate to get your puppy from Brooke - she is amazing. Moving forward, if I wanted another dog and found a breeder 30 minutes away, I would still go to Brooke. In my opinion, Brooke is one of a kind.


Peter Pihl reviewed Daisy Mountain Labs — 5 star

September 19, 2016 ·

Choosing Daisy Mountain Labs was the best decision we ever made. In early July, we lost our two Black Labs. These two dogs were the 5th and 6th Labradors my family has owned since I was a kid.

Shortly after they left us, we started to research breeders. We found Daisy Mountain Labs’ website by chance. Then, out of the blue, a friend recommended that I “talk to his friend that breeds Labs. She has great dogs.” I have had friends says that to me before with negative results, so I was by nature skeptical. But ironically, he was talking about Brooke at Daisy Mountain Labs.

Now that we had a friendly endorsement, we looked into Brooke’s website more. We soon contacted her and got on her wait list for a Black Female. The stars lined up and Heavens looked down on us, and a litter of all Blacks was delivered soon thereafter. We didn’t expect it so soon, so we felt very fortunate. In essence, we committed to a new puppy almost sight unseen.

Working with Brooke was amazing. All the conversations over the phone and via email were great. No dumb question was unanswered, and she made us feel comfortable the whole way through the process.

Brooke’s website is first class. She has pictures of all her dogs and provides all the pedigree information too. It was very comforting to us to see the background of her dogs beforehand. It was also great seeing her past litters. And we especially liked her webcam feature. It made us feel comfortable that we could look at our litter anytime we wanted even though it was not in person. We’ve been able to watch our puppy grow up from day one.

Looking at Brooke’s facebook page reinforced our feelings as we found past customers posting pictures of their growing dogs. That gave us a great sense of what to expect as our puppy grew up.

When we were able to arrange an appointment to meet Brooke and see our litter in person, we were very pleased at how professional her facilities are. Her puppy room is very clean and organized. You can tell she has a veterinary background. Yet she creates a family environment with all of her dogs. We got to meet the mother of our litter, and watched two other dogs play in her pool. And even though we are experienced pet parents, she was able to give us plenty of good advice and guidance.

When it came time to choose our new puppy from the litter, she allowed us plenty of time to make the decision. She clearly understands that we don’t pick the puppy, but rather the puppy picks us.

Our new pup named Onyx came home last week. We took her to our long-time vet and they had nothing rave reviews about her condition. They were also impressed with all the documentation and paperwork that was provided to help make their initial exam easier.

Needless to say, we are very excited that Onyx has joined our family. So much so, that we are already on her wait list for a Yellow Female in the Spring. Our new pup Onyx needs a sister after all.
Without hesitation, we would recommend Brooke and her dogs again and again. I only hope she continues well into the future. We all know time marches on, and our new pup Onyx and our Spring pup will eventually go to join our other past dogs. We will be sure to stay in touch with Brooke via her facebook page so we can look forward to beginning the whole puppy process again.


Steve Lambert reviewed Daisy Mountain Labs — 5 star

July 22, 2016 ·

Daisy Mountain Labs is the best in Az. I researched many. The clean, safe, home environment. The level of daily care given by Brooke and her girls is the highest. Loving care is given 24/7. The puppies are all beautiful. My Lab "RANGER" is just over 16 wks. He loves to retrieve, play, is very Loving. It all starts at the breeder. Thank you Daisy Mountain Labs.


Jennifer Moore reviewed Daisy Mountain Labs — 5 star

January 8, 2016 ·

Our Lab pup has been with us for four months and it's still the best decision we made. I can't say enough about Daisy Mountain Labs and Brook. Her care goes beyond the purchase of the dog. She cares enough to follow through on her commitments and her dogs are a bi-product of her passion to breed the best. We will be back for our next addition to our family. Thanks again Brook!


I just wanted to send some photos of Jackson from the day we got him. He is such a sweetheart. My family loves him so much. He has been so good and we love him already. After the first 2 nights here he has slept through the night. He is the best puppy ever! He is such a playful, but gentle puppy! We couldn't ask for more. Even my husband that wanted a different breed is so happy with him. Of course he's a little jealous that Jackson seems to have picked me to be his favorite 🙂

Thank you again for all your hard work with the puppies, and making our family so happy!!!!


Just can't tell you how much we all love your little girl! The kids named her Piper ("Princess Piper" like mommy for her papers). The trip home yesterday went great. She slept most of the way, breaking every few hours for a potty break and water. She even ate dinner ate a little curbside picnic in Palm Springs. Just a dream puppy! We have even already figured
out the going potty thing too. She even took herself outside to go, she's brilliant for sure 🙂 Last night she slept in the crate for an hour or so before the whimpering started so I just snuggled up with her on the couch and she slept the rest of the night on my chest, figured a little spoiling the first night couldn't hurt. We are all just in LOVE and can't thank you enough for our dear lil' Piper. Such a pleasure meeting you and Brilee yesterday...we will be in touch with more pics as she grows!!!


We just got a female from Brooke a week ago & we just couldn't be happier! What a Wonderful Breeder you truly are! We were sent pictures & VIDEO, yes, video of each of the pups, which was a big deal to us. :)) We sure can tell that you do handle your pups, daily, as you advertise! Our new girl came Happy & Healthy to us & we just can't tell you enough how greatful we are to a Breeder like you. It's SO important to get a puppy who has been bred as they should & handled with such care love & attention! Way to go & thank you again, a TON! :))


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